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Indianhead Ranch Outdoor Summer Camp

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McDonald Safaris

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East Cape Safaris

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Fish'n'Crab Charters

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Blaauwkrantz Safaris

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Wild Footprint Safaris

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Baobab Jagd

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Dolphin Marine

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Tollie's African Safaris

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McDonald Safaris

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Baobab Jagd Namibia

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Wild Country Adventures

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Published: Thu, 02-Nov-2017

Published: Thu, 02-Nov-2017

Published: Tue, 12-Sep-2017
In our seven-billion-person world, the preservation of wildlife is inexorably linked to the economic conditions on the ground. Today in Africa, a growing political crisis and resulting economic crash will lead to the tragic and unnecessary destruction of wildlife in one of the world’s great hunting countries: South Africa.

We have seen it before—an unpopular president driving an economy into recession, seeking to deflect attention from his failed leadership by advocating the “redistribution” of farmland to a gullible electorate, creating a scenario where habitat is destroyed, wildlife is consumed, and a once thriving country is relegated to the roll of economic failed states.

Published: Mon, 28-Aug-2017

Published: Tue, 22-Aug-2017

Published: Mon, 14-Aug-2017

Published: Tue, 11-Jul-2017

Published: Mon, 10-Jul-2017

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017
Issued by the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa

Rhino Conservation and Utilization in SA:
This position paper will provide some history regarding conservation in South Africa and shed light on the massive success story of rhino conservation and utilization in South Africa and how it came to be that we have approximately 20 000 rhino in South Africa today, distributed between our Government Reserves (such as Kruger) and privately owned game ranches.

• Dr Ian Player:
PHASA recognizes Dr Ian Player as the grandfather of conservation in South Africa. Dr Player is the recipient of many local and international conservation awards around the globe and his name is synonymous with Conservation in South Africa.

In approximately 1958 Dr Ian Player was working as a senior ranger for the then Natal Parks Board (today KZN Wildlife).

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017
Last September I went on an adventure tour to Greenland, fishing and hunting. I can not stop thinking about my visit, but like so many before me, I am „bit by Greenland“ . The tour was the most memorable holiday I have ever had; I experienced new feelings and longings and became closer to nature.
Early September, I flew in to Narsarsuaq, S-West Greenland from Iceland, and from there I sailed to Lax-a camp which is in approximately 2 -3 hours distance from the airport. In the afternoon I went fly-fishing for char close to the camp. The Arctic Char fishing is amazing in Greenland; there are just so many of them and in good sizes; up to 10 lbs or more. There are endless fishing possibilities in streams close to the camp but the small lake by the camp is very productive.

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017
I believe that: “The people whose livelihoods are dependent on the sustainable-use of ANY living resource, are those who are the most concerned about its proper management.”
When you spend your life doing one thing, you become expert at it. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “The outliers - the story of success”, states that nobody is an “expert” at ANYTHING until he has spent at least 10 000 hours actually doing it.
With time off for lunch and breakfast, 10 000 hours at 10 hours a day, translates into 1000 days, or approximately three years, of solid work from dawn to dusk, every day, without a stop. And that only gets you to first base. So you can all now work out just what degree of expertise you have in the game ranching business.

Published: Tue, 04-Jul-2017
Although some publications date this cartridge as being introduced in 1911, Mark Crudgington, whose family has owned the George Gibbs Ltd company for over 40 years, assures me the correct date is 1913. Well, just an academic point of little importance. My introduction to this great calibre was only in 1978, when I bought a .505 rifle built in 1927 by George Gibbs at his works in Bristol, England. I paid Zim$500 for the weapon plus its original canvas- covered wooden case and 150 cartridges. Nick Holt sold a similar rifle of the same era at his last 2007 auction, which went for £8 000 (about R120 000).

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