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Leica celebrates 25 Years Range finding – The Milestone for the Optics Pioneer
Published: Tue, 11-Jul-2017

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Leica celebrates 25 Years Range finding – The Milestone for the Optics Pioneer

Since 1992, the year of the introduction of the world’s first binoculars with an integrated rangefinder, the Geovid, Leica is known for the unrivaled pioneer of rangefinding. 25 years ago, Leica set off an opto-electronic revolution in sport optics and has transformed it into a steady evolution. Always aiming to provide hunters with relevant ballistic data for safe, ethically-placed shots, in any hunting situation.

The current Leica models with integrated rangefinder – Leica Geovid HD-B, Leica Geovid HD-R, Leica Geovid R, Leica CRF Rangemaster 2000-B and Leica CRF Rangemaster 1600-R – achieve impressive precision and range, both in terms of distance measurement and ballistic output values.

Leica rangefinding. From 1992 to today
1992_ Since the introduction of the world’s first binoculars with an integrated rangefinder, the Geovid, Leica is known for the unrivaled pioneer of rangefinding.
2000_ The Rangemaster LRF 800 is the first monocular rangefinder to enter the market. Its outstanding optical quality and compact design ensures it becomes an instant classic.
2009_ The Geovid HD range is launched: fluoride lenses ensure maximum color fidelity and contrast. 2010_ Introduction of the Rangemaster CRF 1600, setting a new benchmark for performance, precision and reliability.
2012_ An unprecedented level of accuracy becomes possible with the launch of the Rangemaster CRF 1600-B, a high-performance rangefinder with a market-leading intelligent ballistics system.
2013_ A revolution in sport optics: The new Geovid HD-B rangefinder binoculars boast a unique ballistics system and an integrated microSD card slot. Thanks to its integrated basic ballistics feature, the Rangemaster CRF1000-R wins a place on the must-have list for successful hunting in mountainous terrain
2014_ The Geovid HD-R, successors to the Geovid HD, unite proven characteristics and offer added value, especially useful when angle shooting, in the calculation and display of the equivalent horizontal range (EHR).
2015_ The new Geovid HD-R (Type 402/403) models, based on the third generation of binocular rangefinders, offer both the open ergonomic bridge of the revolutionary Geovid HD-B, and the proven ballistics functionality EHR.
2016_ The new Geovid 8×56 HD-R (type 500) is the further development of this new generation – the brightest and most compact rangefinder Leica has ever built. With the Geovid R rangefinders for the premium entry-level segment were launched, a line that focuses on the essential features and offers hunters everything they need. Additionally, the new CRF 2000-B and CRF 1600-R were introduced: Leica’s most powerful Rangemaster models to date.
2017_ All Leica rangefinders are optimized and achieve impressive precision and range, both in terms of distance measurement and ballistic output values. In 2017, Leica celebrates 25 years of pioneering performance in binocular rangefinding – and will continue writing new chapters of this success story by presenting additional innovations.

Leica Geovid HD-B
At first glance, the Geovid HD-B already sends a clear message: Innovative rangefinding meets tangible comfort. The cutting-edge technology – consisting of the superior, integrated ABC® ballistics system, as well as a microSD card in combination with a completely redesigned optics concept – outshines all previous benchmarks in the premium segment. Blunders are a thing of the past. Maximum precision is within reach today. Using the included microSD card, you can now program relevant, pre-defined ballistic data – such as caliber, ammunition and load – into the Geovid HD-B, so that rifle and binoculars function in perfect harmony. Determining the point of impact is easier and more accurate than ever before. Leica’s Geovid HD-B rangefinding binoculars also feature impressive contrast and extraordinary brightness – achieved by patented Perger-Porro prisms in conjunction with the sophisticated Leica baffle system and outstanding light transmission. Thanks to its 56 mm lens, the Geovid 8 x 56 HD-B in particular boasts strong light collection, despite its very compact dimensions.

Leica Geovid HD-R
The Geovid HD-R 42 and 56 models, like the Geovid HD-B family, combine ergonomic design and razor- sharp, high-contrast images, along with reliable ballistics. Easy, intuitive operation is guaranteed: equivalent horizontal range (EHR) output requires no pre-programming. In steep terrain, EHR gives you greater safety and flexibility. Leica’s own algorithm takes into account not only the linear distance and angle but also a realistic ballistic trajectory, making it much more accurate than the cosine function known as Rifleman’s Rule. The result is a highly precise calculation of the EHR at a ballistic function range of 1,200 yds / 1,100 m. Thanks to patented Perger-Porro prisms, optimized coatings and the unique Leica baffle system, third-generation Geovid HD-R models achieve excellent values in terms of contrast, transmission and stray-light suppression – for maximum performance until night sets in.

Leica Geovid R
The new Geovid-R models reinterpret the initial concept which has made the Geovid family so successful to the present day. Binoculars and rangefinder – united in one product. Focusing on a handful of essential features makes the glass affordable for all who haven’t chosen a pair of rangefinding binoculars. Whether over longer distances or in low-light – the Geovid R models help you clearly detect and identify game at any time. They combine optimum optics and proven laser technology with a perfected mechanics concept. The basic Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) ballistics function of up to 1,200 yds / 1,100 m is included, giving you a significantly greater certainty of an ethically placed shot – uphill or downhill. It’s easy to see why these are the ideal binoculars for entering the Leica Geovid world.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B
The CRF 2000-B is the next generation of our proven CRF 1600 rangefinder and represents a new level of technological sophistication. Whether you’re in the mountains or on a rugged plain – when accurate distance measurement is key, the CRF 2000-B gives you all the data you need for a sure shot – with unprecedented precision. Every aspect of the integrated ABC® ballistics system is intelligently functional. Tailored to your individual demands and specific hunting situation, you can choose from three ballistic applications. In all three options, the system automatically accounts for the angle of inclination, temperature and air pressure, plus ballistics for a precisely calculated impact-point correction. The CRF 2000-B is extremely easy to use: regardless of weather, light and visibility conditions, it is always at the ready. And thanks to its excellent optics, it delivers a brilliant and clear image – even over long distances.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-R
Flexible, easy to handle, and with basic ballistics functionality – the CRF 1600-R is the best entry-level model for those who value reliable results on rough terrain. When your target is uphill or downhill from your position, it’s essential to ensure that distance measurements are corrected accurately. The CRF 1600-R precisely measures both linear distance and horizontal distance. With remarkable accuracy and versatility, the equivalent horizontal range (EHR) can be calculated from 10 to 1,200 yds / 1,100 m, making the CRF 1600-R ideal for bow hunting, as well. A single press of a button displays the distance to target and the equivalent horizontal range; the unit of measurement can be changed as easily.

Source: ... es-of-an-optical-pioneer/

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