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Greenland Reindeer Adventure
Published: Wed, 24-Apr-2013

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Last September I went on an adventure tour to Greenland, fishing and hunting. I can not stop thinking about my visit, but like so many before me, I am „bit by Greenland“ . The tour was the most memorable holiday I have ever had; I experienced new feelings and longings and became closer to nature.

Early September, I flew in to Narsarsuaq, S-West Greenland from Iceland, and from there I sailed to Lax-a camp which is in approximately 2 -3 hours distance from the airport. In the afternoon I went fly-fishing for char close to the camp. The Arctic Char fishing is amazing in Greenland; there are just so many of them and in good sizes; up to 10 lbs or more. There are endless fishing possibilities in streams close to the camp but the small lake by the camp is very productive.

Next morning I was picked up by my guides, Otto and Inuteq (father and son) who are without a doubt the best hunters in South Greenland. They are inuites who live on the land and sea. It is so amazing to watch them; they are a part of their country and know the ocean, land and the animal life so well. They can spot a seal in the ocean miles away and can immediately tell you what type of seal, how big it is and if it is in the right size to shoot. I learned a lot from being with them. And I admire their way of living and how wholesome and kind they are. They do not speak any English but we still managed to communicate and they are very funny and kind people.

In Greenland there are hardly any roads so all transportation is by boat, we started scouting for reindeer in the morning and we quickly came across a small herd. We found them to small so we kept on looking. Not more than an hour after we started we found a group of 5 trophy reindeer on a small island. We started chasing them and lost them at first, then we got them in our sights and luckily I managed to shoot the largest one in the group which later turned out to be the largest trophy deer shot the whole season!

This was my first reindeer, so I took a bite from the liver to “celebrate“. A warm “sushi“liver is not the tastiest thing I have had but in the excitement I would have eaten anything.

We took the animal to a local slaughterhouse where skin, meat and horns are prepared and from there we sailed up to a glacier where Otto and Inuteq offered me to try to shoot a seal. There are plenty of seals in Greenland which are shot for their skin and meat so the entire animal is used. Well, it is quite a challenge shooting a seal from a boat. You never know where it comes up and it stays up for no more then a minute or so. I first tried to lie down in the boat to shoot but that did not go all that well since the boat is rocking, but when I stood I managed to get it. As taking two animals in the same day was not enough, I ended the day by catching a beautiful cod in the ocean on an old hand line and got my hands all cut up. I did not mind it a bit, feeling high on life and nature and enjoying the BEST catch day in my life. A day I will always remember.

At the camp we had a great big barbecue with the catch of the day, a cod, seal and a reindeer.

For the rest of the days we went visiting local villages, fishing more char and cod and tried out for some Atlantic salmon which we saw jumping in the ocean. We lost one, but we will have to come back for those.

Greenland has captured my heart and I can not wait going back


Harpa Hlin Thordardottir is the director of sales at Lax-á. Lax-á is a fishing and hunting outfitter in Iceland, planning tours for clients all over the world. Lax-á is by far the largest in Iceland, offering many Salmon River but has operation in Greenland, Scotland, Argentina, Russia and more countries.

Lax-á built a Luxury fishing and hunting camp in South West Greenland in 2012, camp has 12 twin cabins, large „get together“ house, bathrooms, showers and a sauna.

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