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Posted by LexP on 2013/11/14 9:23:05 (1683 reads)

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Polokwane, 13 November 2013 – The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) presented Minister Edna Molewa with the Wildlife Utilisation Award in recognition of her selfless commitment and contribution to PHASA’s mission of responsible hunting for sustainable life and livelihoods.

The award, one of the most sought after accolades in the hunting community, was accepted on the Minister’s behalf by Limpopo MEC Charles Sekoane and Mpumalanga MEC Pinky Phosa of the provincial department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.

PHASA President Hans Vermaak says there is no one else more deserving than the Minister particularly in the light of the significant role she and her department played in blocking a proposal by Kenya to ban the export of elephant and rhino hunting trophies from South Africa and Swaziland at the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) conference in March this year.

“We are of the firm belief that it was because of her hard work and intervention leading up to this crucially important CITES conference that Kenya finally withdrew its proposal,” he said.

Vermaak added that PHASA was highly appreciative of the ongoing public support for hunting as an effective conservation mechanism by her and senior officials in the Department of Environmental Affairs. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs and working together to protect South Africa’s wildlife heritage,” he said.

For further information contact Adri Kitshoff, PHASA chief executive, on 083 650 0442.

Photo caption:
From left to right: PHASA President Hans Vermaak; Dept of Environmental Affairs Chief Director, biodiversity Dr Moscow Muramo; MEC Mpumalanga Ms Pinky Phosa; MEC Limpopo Mr Charles Sekoane; PHASA CEO Adri Kitshoff

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