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Indianhead Ranch Outdoor Summer Camp

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Chris Troskie Safaris

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McDonald Safaris

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East Cape Safaris

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Fish'n'Crab Charters

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Blaauwkrantz Safaris

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Wild Footprint Safaris

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Baobab Jagd

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Dolphin Marine

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Tollie's African Safaris

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McDonald Safaris

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Baobab Jagd Namibia

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Wild Country Adventures

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Press Releases : All American Made Hunting Gear is Here
Posted by philipp on 2012/9/15 15:51:21 (2894 reads)

Hunting season is in full effect and enthusiasts everywhere are updating their gear. Hunters will be stocking up on ammo, renewing tags, updating their game calls and getting everything ready for the season. The Made In America Store is fully stocked with the hunting gear people are looking for with one exception; it’s all American made.

Mark Andol, owner and creator of the Made In America Store, is an avid hunter. Participating in local trap shooting clubs and a spokesman for gun safety, Mark took the opportunity to meet both American made ideologies and his hunting interest to come up with a healthy Hunting Department.

One of hottest selling items at the all US made products store are the Gooseman Game Calls. Gooseman Game Calls bring a custom, hand crafted game call from cocobolo wood to produce the exact sound hunters are looking for. Steve Halliwell, owner and starter of the family run business, started the business as a hobby when friends and family members couldn’t believe the craftsmanship and efficiency of the game calls. Since then, Steve has devoted his life to what he loved to do, manufacturing bird and deer calls. “Our mission (At Gooseman Game Calls) is to supply quality, affordable, customer made calls to outdoors men and women so that it may enhance their experience in the great outdoors!” said Halliwell.

Click here to see a display of Gooseman Game Calls from the Made In America Store!

The Made In America Store also pushes safety as far as hunting goes and some of the products at the store will help raise awareness for hunting safety. The Made In US products store offers three different styles of orange vests that will be seen in the densest woods. The three different styles offered from the Made In America Store are a vest for youths, one for adults and a smaller, economic option. Interested in a fluorescent orange vest for hunting this year? Click here to see The Made In America Store’s full line of 100% USA made hunting vests!

Lastly, the Made In America Store offers an array of License Holders to fit anyone’s style this hunting season. Styles of License Holders come in Clear Plastic, Fluorescent Orange, Camouflage and even a Zip Seal to keep them dry.

Click here to see the Made In America Store’s full line of 72 different items of hunting gear and equipment with a 100% American made guarantee!

The Made In America Store is the only brick and mortar store that sells 100% made in the United States products from over 350 vendors. Consumers can visit or call 716-652-4872 to get more information or shop our catalog of over 3,500 items. Both Active Duty Military Personnel and U.S. Military Veterans receive a 10% discount every day. Followers of the “Made In America” movement can keep updated with the Made In America Store through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare and even their own blog on Wordpress!

Read the full story at

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