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Indianhead Ranch Outdoor Summer Camp

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Chris Troskie Safaris

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McDonald Safaris

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East Cape Safaris

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Fish'n'Crab Charters

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Blaauwkrantz Safaris

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Wild Footprint Safaris

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Baobab Jagd

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Dolphin Marine

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Tollie's African Safaris

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McDonald Safaris

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Baobab Jagd Namibia

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Wild Country Adventures

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Press Releases : Wolf Ammunition for Sale
Posted by philipp on 2012/9/8 6:41:10 (2466 reads)

Off the Grid, a California-based online survival supply store, is offering various types of ammunition at customer-friendly prices.
Off the Grid, the well-known survival supply store based in Palm Desert, California, has announced reduced prices on various brands of ammunition. Whether for personal protection, emergency preparedness, hunting, or target shooting, the high performance products that this store offers have earned the trust of its customers. With hunting season about to start, the reduced prices are being welcomed by shooting sports enthusiasts across the country.

The store’s inventory includes 5.56 and .223 cartridges
.223 Tracer (case of 500 rounds)
.233 Wolf (case of 1000 rounds)
.223 Wolf 62 Grain SP (case of1000 rounds)
5.56 - PMC 62 Grain (case of1000 rounds)
5.56 PMC XP193
5.56 Tactical Tracer ( case of1000 rounds)

The .22 tracers trace out over 100 yards and light right out of the barrel. They are highly visible by day. Priced as low as $20.00 per box of 50, these tracers by Piney Mountain come in bright red and green. Another versatile product, the Slide Fire Ak-47 Saiga 12 Gauge Bump Fire Stock, can fit any stamped AK Receiver, including Polish Tan.

Magazines and drums in stock include the 45 ACP high capacity Glock magazine, 9mm high capacity magazine, AK47 30 round magazine and AK47 75 round drum. High quality ammunition for handguns, rifles and shot guns are also available.

Besides this extensive range of ammunition, customers can also choose from various types of targets such as silhouette splattering target, multi-colored bull-eye target, portable shooting range, bull's eye assortment target and more.

Most of the products are in stock, but in some cases only a limited number is available. So customers are advised to visit the store’s website, check out their options and place their orders quickly.

The highlight of shopping at Off the Grid is definitely the company’s competitive prices. New products from quality name brands are also added on every day to its vast inventory of survival supplies. Orders can be placed online and the store usually ships the next business day. For more information on Off the Grid’s special pricing on ammunition, call 866-OFF-THEG.

About Off the Grid

A family owned company with roots in the Southwestern US, primarily Texas and Arizona, Off the Grid believes in “personal responsibility”. The store stocks products to help people take care of themselves and their families – every day and in emergencies. Off The Grid is located in Palm Desert California.

Location and Contact Info

73185 Highway 111
Suite B Palm Desert,
Ca 92260
Phone: 866 OFF-THE-GRID
Local: 760.636.1783

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